Can MIAB generate Certificates for Subdomains?

Hi There,

I’ve been doing some searching and it appears the only solution to my question from MIAB users is to install LE/Certbot on a separate machine hosting my sub-domain and generate a new, unrelated cert on that machine. that is not the solution I’m looking for.

I’m trying to generate a certificate for a sub-domain with the certificates generated by MAIB’s ~/mailinabox/managment/ script. Is this possible or would I have to figure out some kind of workaround copying the certificates over the LE/Certbot application dir on the sub-domain webserver and signing off those?

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

As long as those sub domains have an A record which matches your mail in a box ip address it should, never tested / needed to do that before tho

Create an email address for the subdomain and point DNS at your box, and yes it will.

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Why cant you install LE on the MIAB box and generate a cert from there? I did it.