Can I use MiaB with NextCloud File Manager?

Hi there, I am trying to use nextcloud to store files, manage calendar, and email. It doesn’t come with its own email server tho it has an email client. I googled around and found mail in a box.

From what I read, it appears that Mail-in-a-Box itself combines several different software including NextCloud’s components on calendar and contacts. I prefer a way to have NextCloud act as the entry point with MiaB providing the email server part.

Does that make sense?

Is it possible to use mail-in-a-box as the email server for nextcloud?

If so, how do I go about doing this?

Thank you and do let me know if there’s a way for me to contribute a patreon donation to mail in a box. It looks pretty damn cool

You can and dont need to do anything. Just install Mail in a box, and start using both mail server and nextcloud.
I am using it for 2 years and very happy. Just be sure your server has enough space for you files.

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Thanks Pmoh.

So you’re saying, mailinabox already has nextcloud in it?

That is what @Pmoh is saying, but I was under the impression that only the calendar and contacts were being used by MiaB. Perhaps someone can confirm?

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MIAB can use the full features of Nextcloud, I am using it extensively and storing around 150GB of data. You can run a script to gain admin access to Nextcloud. The only thing I would like is for Josh to update to Nextcloud 13, 14 is already around the corner and due for release this month.

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@paradoxbound So what you are saying is:

  1. you install MiaB on a Ubuntu 14.04
  2. you also assign the DNS nameserver to the same box
  3. then you run a script to gain admin access to NextCloud (no further need to install another NextCloud)

Am I right?

I don’t mind 1 or 3. Is there a way to have cloudflare still handling my DNS instead?

MAIB already has a DNS records setup for Nextcloud, just install MAIB as per the instructions.

You can then access Nextcloud at “”, this will redirect you to " From here you can log in with your account details.
At this point, you are a normal user without any admin rights to Nextcloud. You can upload files, photos and share them all through the web UI or phone app.
If you want admin rights to install plugins or some other reason then you need to run a script on the command line of your MAIB server, run as the non-privileged user you installed MAIB as.
“sudo mailinabox/tools/

MAIB wants to be the authoritative DNS for the domains it is serving mail for. You can still use Cloudflare as I do as an endpoint for caching DNS queries. you can also delegate subdomains from MAIB.
for example, my SOHO network has a subdomain “” deligated to a set of FreeIPA servers which have Cloudflare’s and DNS servers as their forwarders but my clients via DHCP use a pair of Pi-hole servers which have the FreeIPA servers as their forwarders.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Apologies, I am not very versed so I need to clarify line by line.

wants or must?

What does this mean?

How does the delegation work?

I know FreeIPA is a identity management system. but I cannot picture this setup you describe in my own head.

I prefer to have cloudflare handle DNS because a) i am familiar and b) i have subdomains pointing to other servers as I intend to run something like a SaaS

I will only address your DNS question.

There is absolutely no problem with using an external DNS solution. MiaB was created on the premise that it’s users would be less experienced and would have minimal web hosting needs so it handles all of the DNS and can serve simple web pages. However, it is not required that MiaB handle DNS. After installation, all of the necessary DNS settings are available in the admin area on the System>External DNS page. Simply copy those settings to your DNS.

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