Can I use 2 IPv4 address?

Can I use 2 ipv4 addresses assigned to my server, The reason I would like to do this is so that I can get a lower spam score and my server has a secondary backup IPv4 and IPv6.

I would think that connecting a second IP to your box may not be that difficult but I’m not sure why this would lower your mail spam score or how mailinabox would treat the secondary IP. I would avoid using Digital Ocean for a host as their reputation seems to be pretty poor lately. Are you sending a lot of mail for online marketing? I would consider doing this via MailChimp or some other platform.

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I don’t know why this would be an issue. I have IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (technically, this is two IP addresses), and it doesn’t make any difference. To get MiaB to respond to the addresses you may need to run sudo mailinabox so it reconfigures to support the new IP addresses.

If you are having any sending issues, please post the issues you are having as they may be other ways to resolve your problems.

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