Can I take over the parent domain?

I was setting up a fax server when I needed an email server, and I found MailInABox. My company’s email is hosted by my ISP, so I set up MailInABox as a sub-domain. (The company domain is and MailInABox’s domain is and the machine name is It has been running flawlessly for months. Thank you!
So, now I’m liking MailInABox so much, I want to migrate my company to it, that is add the parent domain name,, to my MailInABox server. I recognize this is a little bass ackward, and figured I would post an inquiry to this forum to see if:

  1. This is a bad thing which will hose up the logic of a working email domain server. I will just have to rebuild it. Or…
  2. As long as I correct the domain registrar records, perhaps provide a redundant DNS domain server, this should work fabulously.
    What do you gurus think?
  1. Add a user with an email from the domain (
  2. Add as a NAMESERVER to your domain’s registrar (Usually where you purchased the domain.
  3. Wait about 24-48 hours (Depending on registrar)
  4. Add your custom DNS entries to so that DNS resolves for your web server, etc.
  5. Profit.

All these instructions are on the admin page for your MIAB install.

Thank you for your reply!
I understood the procedure; I’m just blissfully unaware of the inner workings of the MIAB components. I wasn’t sure if something would break since it was built with the domain and in DNS domains I have administered, the domains existed before I added the subdomain below it in the hierarchy. (I’m doing this bass ackward, like I said.) It is not a typical domain add, in that respect.
I would be pleased to hear from other advanced administrators, and obtain a quorum of the opinion that it will be fabulous, and not a bad thing.
BTW – There is no profit involved, there is actually added administrative overhead, with the payoff being IMAP accounts vs. the POP3 accounts the ISP provides. No more issues with multiple mail clients, having to wonder which PC I sent that email from so I can find it, and having to clean out the inbox on each one separately.