Can I run a turnserver on the same server as MIAB?

I have a server that is currently running mail in a box and I have unlocked admin on nextcloud so I can enable the talk feature

The problem is that if I want to make a call to another user that is not on the same network I need a turnserver.

My question is, if it is possible to install and run a turn server like coTURN on the same server as everything else and if yes any guidance will be appreciated.

Read this:

It seems painful and you need lots of resources for e.g. 20 simultanious connections.
There seems to be a way to use Docker container on a different instance just for Talk, it comes with the Turn server.

It says at least 2GB of RAM

It is not even going to reach 3 simultaneous connections and my server has 3 gb of ram so performance is not my problem

I don’t think it is a good idea. The separate docker container instance seems to me more plausible. Never tried it but you need bandwidth, RAM and everything.

In my experience I really wouldn’t install another piece of software on the MiaB server. The server is doing quite a bit already with postfix, postgrey, bind (DNS), spamassassin, dovecot, nginx, nsd4 (dns), nextcloud, roundcube, php-fpm, ufw, fail2ban, management python services, etc…

I think there is a way to possibly get two nextcloud’s to talk to each other with server-to-server federation that works out of the box (built into nextcloud) – Might want to check out

My recommendation would be to get another server with nextcloud running on it, figure out how to federate them then install whatever on the second box for the talk feature.

As I understand nextcloud from this projects perspective its basically only there for CardDav and CalDav (Contacts and Calendars) and literally NOTHING else.

“The only absolute requirements are an address book and a sane upgrade path. Calendar, calendar sharing, and file sharing are nice-to-haves, but let’s not get carried away. - JoshData”

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I have configured a second VPS dedicated solely to coTURN at turnsrv.domain. net, and Nextcloud immediately recognized it. For my purposes, which involve chatting and experimenting with friends, a modest 2GB 1vcore CPU VPS on MS Azure is quite adequate. Meanwhile, everything else is running smoothly on my Mail-in-a-Box server.