Can I rename my old box and gain access to it?

I had my box on Digital Ocean but had flagged the IP as being from a spammer. No amount of emails could get them to change.

So I have moved to a new IP and successfully set up my box.

However, I’m having trouble moving the backup over the new box.

But I don’t really care or need that. If I can sign into the old box and read any old mail I happen to need, that’d be fine.

I figure: new domain name, new glue, rename Digital Ocean droplet to, and sudo mailbox.

Will this work or will it hopelessly mess everything up?

Yes, it will work.

Also if your old box is still up and running, you can rsync the /home/user-data/ from the old to the new. Then delete the contents of the /home/user-data/ssl/ directory. THEN rerun sudo mailinabox. You should then have all of your users and email in place on the new box.

Thank you. It worked!

For some reason, the SSL Certificate of didn’t go over and would not let me do the auto Let’s Encrypt, do I manually inserted a Zero SSL certificate.

But otherwise, pretty happy.