Can I disable Owncloud files?

Hey guys,

I run a mail-in-a-box server with around 100 users. Most of them aren’t aware of the Calendar and Contacts features, and I was going to tell people about it, but I noticed that Owncloud’s files module is still enabled. I don’t want people to be able to upload files to the mail server(even if it’s contained), so is there any way to disable this?


It would be nice to be able to do this from an admin panel. I do not want to enable users to use either of these features (calendar or contacts) they are simply not required by our policy and it is a nuisance to have them.

One of the annoying features in any software is compulsory “feature” adoption and I think such major bloat should be optional.

You can disable the OwnCloud / NextCloud upload features by making a new group in NextCloud specifically in the user admin panel:

  1. Make new group
  2. Give group max space of 0GB
  3. set user group to new group (set for as many users as you want)
  4. profit

if that does not work, you can physically disable the files module using occ disable:app files in the command line under the owncloud folder (I dont remember where it is but you should be able to find it)

disabling the contacts and calendar is as simple as admin panel-> apps-> calendar disable (same with contacts)

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Murgero, Thanks

I’m afraid I am a terrible Noob at this.
Managed to log in to NextCloud with my admin but all that seems to have done is consumed more disk space. It appears just like a user no special Admin privileges.

The second option seems to be a better option though I’m not sure what impact that would have on MIAB or if it will all be undone by next upgrade?
Or indeed, if it leaves the RoundCube with the buttons and potential crash-on-click.

Ideally it would be better to have a an option during installation to opt-out of NextCloud. Useful as it seems to just consume space.

Under “/home/::YOURUSERNAME::/mailinabox/tools/” is a script called “”

run that, then login as the admin account (admin needs to be enabled first.)

Lots of warnings -

WARNING: you could break mail-in-a-box when fiddling around with Nextcloud’s admin interface

:slight_smile: then

Error: unable to open database “/home/user-data/owncloud/owncloud.db”: unable to open database file

Does that file exist?

Yes, it does, and there is an owncloud.db !

#####@box:/home/user-data/owncloud# dir
appdata_occb77ba4686  config.php  files_external  index.html  nextcloud.log  owncloud.db  root

run the owncloud-admin script with sudo:

sudo /home/YOURUSERNAME/mailinabox/tools/

Just as done above - but this no error message about owncloud.db but nothing appears different logging in to owncloud

when you login to Nextcloud, login with the ORIGINAL admin account of MIAB web admin. Then in top right of the page click your profile and you will see “Admin” under it, that is the admin panel:

No change I’m afraid.- definitely been using the admin account + password ATM the only account on MAIB and I follow the link given on the admin page

What did the script output for you?

    #####@box:/$ sudo /home/#####/mailinabox/tools/
/home/#####/mailinabox/tools/ line 11: ./ No such file or directory
    I am going to unlock admin features for .
    You can provide another user to unlock as the first argument of this script.

    WARNING: you could break mail-in-a-box when fiddling around with Nextcloud's admin interface
    If in doubt, press CTRL-C to cancel.

    Press enter to continue.


but it is

####@box:~/mailinabox/tools$ dir
dns_update             ****                       web_update

Ah ha!

You can provide another user to unlock as the first argument of this script

Better read that as You must

  1. created a new user with mail admin privs
  2. re ran with first argument the full email address
  3. then logged in to owncloud as the newadminuser

and I now have the admin page available from the drop down!

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