Can anybody help me with my server having php problem

no body can reply or help me with my issues then what is then the use of this forum …:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The other use of the forum is for people to give help to other people…

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So why am i not getting help.I needed help because after installing MIAB my server dose not execute php files and it keeps downloading when i access the file from my browser… Help

Start with the basics:

What host and version of Ubuntu are you on?

Have you followed the steps from the Something Went Wrong! section of the maintenance guide? If not, do that first.

If you have, what sort of errors are you seeing? Was this working before? If so, what has changed?


  1. Describe the problem you are having. Instead of saying “it doesn’t work”, write the error message you see, post a screenshot, or describe what you are seeing that you don’t want to be seeing.
  2. Mention that you “checked the status page, re-ran setup, and rebooted the box”, per the steps above, so that anyone answering knows what you have tried so far. If you don’t mention this, someone may ask you to do it before providing other assistance.
  3. If everything in the System Status Checks is green, mention that by saying “all checks are green”. If something isn’t green, mention it.
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thanks i really appreciate. i will come back when am done with the link you posted and what dose this mean

There are 2 software packages that can be updated.

libedit2 (

libbsd0 (

i got that error on my status check?


If you see those on the status check page, you need to do the package upgrades.

apt-get update


apt-get upgrade


apt-get autoremove (if needed).

worked smoothly thanks still trying to fix the php issue …

If you’re using MIAB to serve out php files, you’ll need to make sure you modify the nginx config appropriately.

I don’t serve anything with MIAB’s webpage (mostly because I didn’t want to have to redo the changes every time I update MIAB), so you’ll need someone more experienced with those mods than me.

Am happy you responded … i will figure things out.

Thanks a million times

I’m guessing you have MIAB running just fine, but when you try to host PHP files in the “web files” setup, your PHP file downloads as a file when you try to visit your site.

I believe this is almost certainly an nginx conf file problem. I had the exact same issue with MIAB actually, but ended up hosting my web stuff on a separate VPS so didn’t end up needing to resolve this problem. Try a Google search on “nginx php files download” — you’ll get a ton of hits.

If you resolve it, be sure to post back here.

As general advice you should not put your own PHP scripts or other executable content on your Mail-in-a-Box because if you aren’t careful you could open yourself up to all sorts of security issues that might allow someone to take over your email address, and from there your domain name, your bank accounts, and so on. If at all possible, Mail-in-a-Boxes should be left alone and web content should be hosted on a separate machine.