Can access web admin but not mail

I’m able to access and login to the web admin area but cannot login to the mail area - it times out whether i’m behind or in front of our firewall.

When you go to the Status Checks page in the dashboard, does it report any problems?

Many problems, but a lot of them went away when I changed the DNS records on Cloudflare. However, when I could not log into the web interface, I reset the dns to point back to our old mail server and now there are more errors.

MiaB is written to be its own DNS server. Using external DNS isn’t supported.

You will have to play around with things to get them working. Someone may chime in that can help you more.

So, I have no idea what is what at this point. I’d love to help you out but need a starting point and some data to work with.

Let me know how I can help. You can PM me if you wish. @AndrewTraub

MiaB has its own DNS Server and the setup is easier using it. But if you want to use an external DNS you can.

Actually I’m using MiaB with an external DNS Server (Bind9). Everything’s working perfectly fine.

I purely use Cloudflare for DNS, so I know it’ll definitely will work fine if you’re setting the records properly. You’ll need to give more info, though. Keep in mind that DNS takes time to propagate, depending on the recursive resolver cache, which might be why you were having errors after switching back to the box as the authoritative nameserver.

The box will set up the DNS records properly on its own if you go that route (just give it time if something isn’t working).

Otherwise, if you prefer to use external DNS, post the errors you’re getting and more detail about what’s happening — what type of error the browser is responding with (524, 503, 404, 400?). The best place to check for issues would be in /var/log/nginx/error.log. Some of the other logs may give clues as well.

Based on your first post about timing out, which error do you have? It’s most likely somewhere in the 5XX range and a lot of the time has to do with having the proxy enabled (orange cloud — turn that off so they’re gray clouds). Wait a short time and also try private/incognito mode in your browser.

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