Calendar app error after upgraded to v21b


After I upgraded MIAB to v21b version, the Calendar app on OwnCloud got error. I can’t use this app, please view the image for details. Thanks in advance.

Could you check the info.xml in this (/usr/local/lib/owncloud/apps/calendar/appinfo) folder to see if the app installed correctly?

head info.xml 
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<info xmlns:xsi= ""
	<summary>Calendar GUI for Nextcloud's CalDAV server</summary>
	<description><![CDATA[The Nextcloud calendar app is a user interface for Nextcloud's CalDAV server.

It integrates with other apps, allows you to manage calendars and events, display external calendars and invite attendees to your events]]></description>

Ya Its here

The screenshot you are showing doesn’t look anything like a default owncloud calendar webapp. Mine doesn’t have any icons in the top. Have you tweaked some settings?

Its just an app:

When testing the upgrade of ownCloud we haven’t tested with any other apps installed. This might be what is causing the problem.

I only update the theme after I upgraded v21b successfull.