Calendar and Contacts


I was wondering if mail-in-a-box solution would suit us. We are a public blood bank with 350 mailboxes and we do not have groupware solution yet. We need it mostly for sharing calendars and contacts and it has to sync on mobiles and desktops.

At the moment we are using an old version of IMAP/Postfix for email and Roundcube for webmail and would like to change that too.

Thanks for your response.


I never used shareable calendars, so I’m not sure if that’s possible. I would say: rent a vps, try to install it and within a couple of hours, you have your answer.

I’m running this for a couple of years and it’s quite stable.


It should be possible within the next-cloud web interface

Is next cloud part of the mail-in-a-box solution?

The shared calendars in Nextcloud (which is installed as part of MIAB) work just fine - I use them :slight_smile: Both in the Nextcloud interface and with caldav on iOS, MacOS and Android. I assume it’ll work fine with Windows calender applications too although I haven’t tried that.

EDIT - corrected typo.

Outlook is finicky with CalDAV but there are add-ons that help./

Thunderbird is mostly used in the organization with cca 5 users on Outlook. That should work then, right?