CAA records - where to set?

Nice that CAA records are supported in the new version. Thank you! Does anyone know where to set those values for the default MiaB setup? Is there a field in the admin panel where entries for specific domains/sub-domains can be setup and i.E. limit CAA records to Let`s Encrypt etc.? Or is this already automatically done with MiaB standard setup?

  1. This link plus using your ‘Custom DNS’ admin panel could be of help.

  2. Verify It through and see here a shot of the feedback you want to get.

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These aren’t setup automatically. You can specify them manually in the custom dns settings. Select CAA from the drop down list.

Great feature! So I added these CAA entries:
0 issue “” (to permit Let’s Encrypt as my CAA)
0 issuewild “;” (to disallow wildcard certificates)

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