Bulk Removal of Email Alias

Hi there,

I am looking to remove approximately 150 email alias addresses. Doing this through the Control Panel will be very time consuming and I am wondering if there is a better way to do it?

They are all under a specific subdomain e.g. alias@sd1.example.com. I want to delete every single alias under sd1.example.com, so that I can eventually remove the domain entirely from MIAB.

I am thinking this might be achievable through the mail.py script but I have no idea where to start!

Would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!!

You are probably looking at something like connecting to the database file via sqlite directly.

cd /home/user-data/mail
sudo sqlite3 users.sqlite

This puts you into the sqlite prompt. Now try and run this command.

select * from aliases where source like '%sd1.example.com';

If this shows all the records you’d like to delete, you could then alter the SQL command and do:

delete from aliases where source like '%sd1.example.com';

Just be aware that if you execute the above command, it will really delete them all. I’d suggest making a simple backup of your database first so that if you make a mistake you can easily restore.

cd /home/user-data/mail
cp users.sqlite backup-users.sqlite

Maybe that will work for you?

To exit the sqlite prompt once you are done, simply type:


Thank you so much! You just saved me such a long time. Really appreciate your help! :smile:

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