Bug Present for Ages

Hi Josh,

This bug has been present for ages but I have never got round to reporting it. If you are on the users panel and click the Aliases button, it always gives a Javascript error.


This does not happen if you click it from the menu instead.


Ben Maynard

I installed MiaB 2 days ago and I dont get any errors when I click on the two links named aliases.

Strange, what browser are you using?

This is present on all 4 of my installations of MIAB, including the latest one installed yesterday.

Hmm, okay with Firefox I get an error but with qutebrowser I dont get one.

Thanks. Fixed in https://github.com/mail-in-a-box/mailinabox/commit/0293e04311296dadc2f2ea789536c55ffacd7055.

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