Box still accessible via http with IP address

I’ve installed and have been using MAIB on a Digital Ocean VPS. I’m running the current 0.40 version on Ubuntu 18.04. Everything is working fine the System Status Check all checked good. My problem is even with the SSL enabled and all certificates working fine, I can still access the box via the non-secure http: using the IP dress. Is this normal? The domain name is redirected. Is there a way to redirect the traffic to https: only. I’ve seen several ways to do it on the internet, I’m just concerned about messing up the MAIB system.


I believe it’s supposed to redirect

Yes, it is supposed to redirect and I believe is setup in /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf by this line from the “server http 80” section

  • return 301$request_uri;

Do not see this behavior on Linode. All http://IPv4_ADDRESS/{,mail,admin} redirect to https://.

If it’s just it’s IP, no admin will be using that to browse the /admin endpoint. And tbh, users wont know (unless their especially gifted power users) to go to a server’s IP instead of it’s FQDN.

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