Blocking Domains

Hi Josh,

I know this is outside the scope of MIAB, but I am facing an issue wherby the spam filtering on the box is useless and huge volumes of spam are getting through, despite having trained SpamAssassin for months.

I know this might not be officially supported but would the following cause any issues?

EDIT: Removed as does not work and don’t want anyone blindly copying

I have no idea, really.

The only thing I can say is that Mail-in-a-Box updates won’t touch Postfix settings that it doesn’t care about (i.e. it won’t revert your changes to settings that it doesn’t modify itself).

Thanks Josh,


Isnt it an option to make a page in future updates to blacklist domains/email adresses?

I get spam from a few addresses and want to block them, I move the mail to spam. I read something about “training” the anti-spam by doing this…?

It’s possible. Open an issue on github, please.

Training spamassassin doesn’t seem to really work/help.