Block email addresses when using catch-all

I have a catch-all account, however I wish to disable specific email addresses so they do not go to the catch-all (or anywhere else for that matter). If an account does not exist or is archived, it goes to the catch all.

Ideally I would like for the system to not accept mails to that address in the first place, which is a feature I’ve seen others ask for as well.

Another possibility is I could create an alias to direct that email address to… somewhere? Nowhere? Is there a destination that immediately deletes the email? If not then the only recourse I see is to create a garbage user account and alias unwanted addresses to it. But then I would have to manually purge it from time to time.

Is there a proper way of handling this? Thanks!

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Well, I suppose you could create an account that receives unwanted emails from aliases, then set a cron job to delete emails in the directories for the account.

I would like to have this feature as well. I keep getting spam to a few email addresses. It would be nice to able to reject all emails to those aliases.