Birthday's contacts not showing in calendar

Hi everyone,

so I migrated my contacts into the Owncloud of my box. In my Owncloud I have 1 calendar by default. In my Owncloud contacts I have my 4 groups and my 100 contacts lot of them with their birthdays informations. I checked the birthdays dates are correctly understood by Owncloud : yes. I also created a “TEST” contact directly into Owncloud with a birthdate and saved it. But…

Birthday date never show up in the Owncloud calendar.

When I connect my calendar and contact clients (Mac OS X default ones) to my box using the automatic profile config given by MailInABox it sets up everything perfectly, everything is in sync as it should but…

In my calendar client I see a “Contacts birthdays” calendar in addition to the default one. And in it I don’t see any event … even if I can see on the server address book I have contacts having birthdays.

I tried to delete the “contact’s birthdays” calendar from my client but it appears again after some minutes confirming the server is pushing it and as so… it should exist on the server. So I don’t understand 2 things :
1/ why I don’t see it on the server
2/ if it syncs from the server to my client then why I don’t see any events (birthdays) in my client ?

Any idea ? Is it the same situation for you ?

P.S : I don’t know which way something happening inside Owncloud would be supported on a MailInABox forum… I just realize it may not be. If it is the case just let me know and I will completely understand :blush: