BIMI implementation

It would be really nice if MIAB would set up BIMI records along with the rest of the DNS records, and give the option to upload a BIMI logo to associate with each domain.

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I’ve set up the bimi record for a long time now, followed all the requirements including tiny 1.2 svg, but nothing showed up. I think it has got to do with email volume?

Did yours show up?

I’ve implemented it on a few different domains and some show up and others don’t. I think it is dependent on mail volume like you said and domain reputation.

It also seems more likely to show up if your dmarc is set to ‘reject’ not ‘quarantine’.

Oh, and you need to make sure that your svg is not just tiny 1.2 but tiny-ps.

yeah i set it to tiny-ps. Perhaps i try setting dmarc to reject

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