Big probleme Help me!

i always use mailinabox normal but today when i want to install it on my new server .
when i type SERVERIP/admin always say : NOT FOUND
what is the solution please help me

the ip :

it seems to be apache installed instead of nginx

apache shouldn’t have been installed in the first place

have you started off with a clean ubuntu 14.04 machine?

Yes a clean ubuntu 14.04

maybe try to uninstall apache and then run the bash script from mail-in-a-box again

Ok thank you i try it now

i have been tried and no resultat :confused:

I had a similar problem when installing on a new DigitalOcean Ubuntu 14.04 instance. Seems their image includes Apache. After removing Apache I ran the setup script again (curl -s | sudo bash) and then everything worked.

Hope that helps.

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