Better spam filtering or challenge/response?

I had my main mailbox routing through SpamArrest. Love it or hate it, they’re a challenge/response service. Let’s not turn this into a debate on C/R, but let me also say that my spam count for the past five years has been zero. Literally zero.

Upon moving to MiaB, the combination of the RBL and Greylisting surely helps, but I’m now seeing about 20 spams per day.

This is clearly not acceptable.

Is there a better configuration for more aggressive anti-spam? Where can I kick-up the settings on things?

Better, is there a challenge/response system available that I can bolt on? I have no problem running my own, and I’m fully competent to do it (with the knowledge that MiaB owns config rewrites and the like).

20 spams per day just isn’t going to cut it.

Nothing “bolt on,” but there are paid solutions such as MailRoute (I’m not a customer, but I’ve heard good things) through which you route your mail (via creative MX records) and they filter it.

Yeah, I’m wanting to keep control on my end - the whole idea is to get away from outside solutions like MailRoute or SpamArrest.

But thanks for the reply!

JoshData said in another thread that moving a message from the Spam folder should train SpamAssassin to not mark it as spam. It’s possible that the reverse is also true and that moving something into the Spam folder will help.

Sorry there’s no easier answer.

  • I noticed MIAB is also using spamhaus dns blacklist.
  • What about adding additional blacklists?
  • I am also seeing increased SPAM since migrating from my own
    postfix/dovecot installation.
  • I was using my own dns bl and I just ran the IP of a recently
    received MIAB email and the blacklist looked up the IP as listed.
  • MIAB uses smtpd_sender_restrictions and smtpd_recipient_restrictions to designate
  • I have a dns blacklist running on my former system using smtpd_client_restrictions hash:/etc/postfix/rbl_override
  • The question what would happen to MIAB if I try to add a dns blacklist to complement

Name one so I can look into it?

The question what would happen to MIAB if I try to add a dns blacklist to complement

Mail-in-a-Box may reset any changes you make to options it cares about.