Better attachment handling?

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Some of my users are in the habit of sending large attachments back and forth between themselves as part of their work flow. This creates two or more copies of each attachment in the server, which is eating up storage space rapidly. I have opened up the Nextcloud interface and would like to encourage users to upload their attachments to their file storage and send links instead of actual files. Anyone know a way to encourage this in Roundcube? In Thunderbird there are plugins that do this, but some of my users prefer the default Roundcube. Also, is there an easy way to reduce the allowed attachment size to force users to create links?

I’m not aware of ways within MiaB, though someone else might be.

However, you are starting to brush up against the edge of the intended use-case of MiaB. Likely the better solution is for dovecot to use dbox file format (most choose sdbox), which has an option to maintain one copy of an attachment file across the server, IIRC.

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It would be unsupported because it will get rewritten, but ways to do this would include the directives in nginx, the php.ini configuration, and possibly something in a Roundcube configuration file (sorry, never configured Roundcube so don’t know where to go).

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Message size limit (including attachments) are set in postfix’s config file (located in /etc/postfix/ Look for message_size_limit = xxxx (message size is in bytes). It will be overwritten during an upgrade.

Other help might be setting the total mailbox limit, then look in the same file for mailbox_size_limit and

But it is indeed unsupported.

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You could set it in /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail/config/

Add the following, obviously changing the 10M to desired size, but be aware it will be overwritten on MIAB upgrades.

$config['max_message_size'] = '10M';

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