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Hi, I have successfully set-up MiaB. Now I can send through Roundcube, also I can sent through SMTP credentials from NodeMailer But it seems like I cant use SSL. and also I have noticed that the mail deliverbility isn’t quite good and fast.

I was wondering what is the best practice to send mails via SMTP server from a different platform like I mentioned above.

MiaB seems a great open source solution!

waiting to hear back from experts on MiaB

Don’t use your mailserver for marketing emails, don’t use it for transactional emails either. Use sendgrid or mailgun for those needs.

Use miab only for personal and business emails. Some of your receipients may find your emails in the Junk for a start, but if your IP is clean, and you have everything checked and set up properly, that will eventually work out fine.

Why I cannot use it for marketing emails?SMTP provider like you mentioned are sucks. they eventually pause sendings on marketing emails.

Because all it takes is a few person marking your email as spam, and your IP will get blacklisted. If the providers I mentioned paused sending your mails, then obviously you have broken some rules on ethical sending, or you have ran out of credits.

Worst case you get the whole IP blocked banned, and a dozen other people with mail servers on the same IP block will be cursing you.

I understand Now. Thank you so much.

Can you also please tell me how can i remotely use properly MiaB’s SMTP service?

Suppose if I want to use MiaB with nodeJS and also wtih SSL enabled. then how would it work? Because i tried with nodejs SSL and it didn’t work.

if u use Nodemailer, u should set secure: false.

that worked for me & i was using it, But i want secure to be you have any suggestion on that?

thanks for your blazing fast reply. appreciate

You need to read the nodemailer documentation to see why you should set it as false. Miab uses port 587.

  • secure – if true the connection will use TLS when connecting to server. If false (the default) then TLS is used if server supports the STARTTLS extension. In most cases set this value to true if you are connecting to port 465. For port 587 or 25 keep it false

Thank you so much, MiaB’s got some great ninja! so supportive.

last but not least.I noticed that mail deliverbility taking few minutes to go inbox why is that and how we can make it faster?

You are a new server, nothing is perfect, you may face slow delivery due to greylisting or filters, then you may go into spam/junk mailboxes. All these will go away only after sometime after you build up your rep.

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