Benefits of upgrading

Got an older install on 14.04. I went to upgrade and saw it will only allow v0.30 on the OS. Are there any major security issues with staying on this version? I don’t know that there’s a newer feature I would use. I just want secure mail without the hassle. I would rather spend my morning studying than setting up MIAB on 18.04 so are there any concerns to staying with the version?

Ubuntu 14.04 (released in April 2019) is end of life as of April 2019
So Cannonical doesn’t update your system anymore, this could pose a security risk.

If you want to read more about this:

You cannot upgrade so you don’t have to read complicated procedures:

The only supported way to update an existing Mail-in-a-Box to Ubuntu 18.04 and version 0.40 is to backup + restore to a new, clean Ubuntu 18.04 box
See Mail-in-a-Box version v0.40 and moving to Ubuntu 18.04

Wait for a rainy day and move your stuff to a supported box!

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Yep. I’ll wait until I’m burnt out of studying and do the boring task. Thanks for informing me that the security updates have already stopped :+1:

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After upgrading Ubuntu/MIAB, I’ve noticed way more Ubuntu package update notifications than before. It’s become a regular task. I’m looking into scripting it and launching it via cron.