Benchmarks against plain MTA

Hi are there any benchmarks published ?

We used to be with but they “lost” our account ! Took them over 2 days to respond with less than helpful information !

When did this issue with SendGrid occur? I’m using them for transactional email in my SaaS app and I’d rather not have that kind of bullshit happen to me.

I haven’t heard of anyone benchmarking mail-in-a-box. Performance is probably near the bottom of its requirements.

That said, delivery is done by a basically stock version of Postfix. MiaB delivery performance should be pretty close to typical postfix benchmarks.

my low end equipment is handling this just fine. top rarely shows more than .2 load. And its usually me that puts it there with updates or some other self run analysis tool, or benchmark (iperf for example).

FWIW, I have my mail servers on various $10 linodes. Overkill for MIAB.

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