Being filtered as spam when sent from outlook, but not from roundcube?


My emails are being filtered as spam by gmail when sent from outlook, but go through fine when sent from roundcube?

SPF: PASS with IP Learn more
DKIM: PASS with domain Learn more
DMARC: PASS Learn more

Mail tester: 10/10

I’ve also added the domain(s) to postmaster tools.

Really appreciate any help, this is a strange one!

Full email source:

Thank you,

Edit: I just wanted to add this is a newly setup droplet on DO and the IP doesn’t seem to be on any lists with the spamhaus check. Just seems to be related to outlook formatting or something?

Edit2: Plain text email comes through fine… so it’s related to the HTML formatting that outlook puts on. Frustrating but I can deal with it… I do have some family members who want @lastname emails so I’m not sure what to advise for them… maybe thunderbird will perform better. If anyone has any other suggestions I’m all ears!

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