Being added to Spamhaus

Hi there,

I would be very grateful for any help.

After following suggestions on this thread, I still being added to Spamhaus.

I don’t really know what is happening, because everything seems to be fine in my box.

Anyone has experienced similar issues and/or has any idea about how could I troubleshoot and solve this, please?

Thanks in advance.

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Does anything show up in /var/log/mail.log? or perhaps just run “tail -f /var/log/mail.log” and see if anything stands out.

Perhaps check for some of the following:

“When any mail server violates the mail policy by sending bulk mails, host malware or phishing pages, it gets added to Spamhaus block list.”


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Well, I can’t see anything wrong in logs, unfortunately.

And, we are not sending bulk mails nor newsletter nor nothing similar. :frowning:

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Hello again

I’ve had a look on their website and if you’re blocked they normally give you the reason why, you could try:

and let us know the results


I did. But they only mention spam, malware, etc, things that I am sure I don’t have in my box.

so just to clarify then, you don’t have " spam, malware, etc," on your box , what about any of your clients?

This is very strange. I run this box just for me and my small company, on which there are only just 2: me and my wife.

one of the reasons I asked about the mail.log was to see if any odd email traffic was going through the MIAB server, do you use your phones for email? is there any excessive email traffic coming from those devices? there has to be a reason why Spamhaus is flagging you?

Could it be your public IP address range?

Hi there,

So, regarding the phones, we only use it for our accounts at Gmail, not for our own domain e-mails.

I really don’t know why Spamhaus is flagging us. Maybe I could pick up a new server for MIAB, so it would use a new IP. But I really don’t know, once this has no reason to happen.

MiaB sends a weekly activity summary by email. Anything there that stands out?

One last thought - put your external IP address into “Email Blacklist Check - IP Blacklist Check - See if your server is blacklisted” and check the results

Ignore “UCEPROTECTL3” as they charge for removing from their blacklist.

A long shot. Not sure if you are using Cloudflare

Thank you very much, guys.


So, Unfortunately I deleted that e-mail this week, and did not see anything on it. :frowning:

But, I am not using Cloudflare.


I did check and no results, i.e., I am not currently in any list. But I know, unfortunately, that I’ll be added to Spamhaus, at some point.

This is really annoying me, mostly because everything seems Ok.

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Hi again,

Again, today, I was added to Spamhaus. :frowning:

Also, today I received that MIAB weekly report, and there’s nothing unusual there.

Here is a list of Spamhaus reasons to list you. There’s also the possibility to delist.
I know that in the past Spamhaus also block ranges of ip addresses, e.g. your ip address neighbours might be bad net citizens. What also sometimes happens is that the previous user of you ip address did naughty stuff.

Thank you so much.

So, I am already using the delist option. Several times in just one month. :frowning:

But, I’ll also try to pick up a new server, install MIAB and transfer everything to it. Just to try to escape the bad IPs.

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