Backups created during .44 update - what can be deleted now?

I noticed that when I did my /home backup, a lot more went since the upgrade.

Considering the upgrade went fine, what can I safely delete now?


I am not sure which backups you are referring to as your statement is written as though YOU did something to create them. The backups are completely 100% automated and deleting or modifying any of the files in /home/user-data/backup will have an effect.

Could you perhaps elaborate what you mean?

Thanks for your reply.

For some reason, I thought the upgrade itself created copies (backups) which it saved in /home. If not, then, Iā€™m good and stop reading. Sorry for the confusion.

When I did my offsite restic backup to backblaze, I noticed it took a lot more time so I assumed the additional files might have been created by the upgrade process.

I am just guessing here, but I imagine that when you did the upgrade to 0.44 a complete new backup was created. Normally, the backups are incremental. So this likely explains why the difference. :slight_smile:

Looking at /home/user-data/backup cofirms the upgrade backup was full and the prior incremental ones are gone. Tks.

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