BackupMX and Secondary Nameserver (with DNSSEC-Support)


We need a mailserver for our company and our clients (15 mailboxes) which should work “verry” stable.
I think, because it is based on Postfix (…) it should be verry stable.

But in the case the server would crash (worst-case-scenario) it would be nice to have an “Backup-MX” Server… Is this possible? Which Provider can you recommend? (It should be something business-ready)

We want to use the Nameservers of Mailinabox and route the A-Record directly to our Webserver. But for “.de” Domains we need an secondary DNS. Our Provider does not offer this service, and a change of the provider is not possible.
It should also support DNSSEC and DANE :wink:

Hope you can help me :smiley:

Any ideas? I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Under the recommended setup, this isn’t currently possible.

@JoshData Thank you :wink: Can you reccomend any DNS Provider with DNSSEC Support for “professional”-use?

@aspdye, we used to use DNS Made Easy, which lives up to it’s name and has some nice functions with a beautiful and functional control panel that includes DNS query statistics. They support DNS for secondary use at this time only