Backup - rsync over SSH error


I am trying, without success, to setup rsync-based backups over SSH in MIAB web management.

The destination machine has:

  • ssh/rsync enabled
  • host name is FQDN
  • the destination sub-directory is created and is writable by user
  • MIAB ssh public key of the user is in the authorized_keys file of the destination user home directory (.ssh/authorized_keys)

However, when setting up the MIAB I get the following error:

Backup configuration

Connection to rsync host failed: The hostname xxx.yyy.tld cannot be resolved.

I can do key-based login to the SSH to the destination machine over internet also with other user/key. I can even see the destination machine from terminal and the MIAB is resolving the FQDN (xxx.yyy.tld) to the correct IP via nslookup in terminal without problems.

Alternatively, I tried using the public IP of the destination machine instead of the FQDN with no success, the same error message appears.

Many thanks for any help.


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