Backup questions

Recently set up Mail-in-a-Box. So far so good. Next thing I want to do is get backups configured.

I would prefer to use BackBlaze as the backup destination. There doesn’t seem to be a simple way to do this. So I was going to use

Hasbackup seems optimized to backup maildir format. So I’m wondering if I should directly backup the maildir folders, or if I should backup the default mail-in-a-box backups?


I’ve never used BackBlaze, but having a way to backup files on a Linux server seems like a problem they should have already solved. Have you tried asking them what methods are available?

It doesn’t need to be anything special. I believe the current backup methods built-in to Mail-in-a-Box are meant for files (encrypted files). It just needs to be able to upload files. Nothing special.

Yes, I believe there are multiple methods they have. Try contacting BackBlaze and ask them about it.

Yeah I know I can do it, and I know I can use HashBackup tool to do the upload to BackBlaze. My question is just whether I should do my own backup of the maildir folders, or backup the MIAB backup?

Was looking for some advice there…

Thanks for the feedback.

I would use the Mail-in-a-Box backup, as it encompasses everything, and that version of backup is community-supported. If you do your own maildir stuff, it may or may not work, and does not backup everything else.

Now, that brings into question if you should save the encrypted backup AND the decryption key in the same location. Do you think BackBlaze will become compromised? How do you think it would be compromised?

Here are things to take into consideration …

The MiaB backup encompasses EVERYTHING to get your mail server running on a different VPS so if you had some critical incident, you’d be up and running again in an hour. The maildir folders are just that, the mail… additionally, the MiaB backups are encrypted while a straight backup of the maildir directories wouldn’t be. I don’t know if your proposed solution does any encryption itself or not.

If you do the MiaB backup route … be sure to save the secret_key.txt file SOMEWHERE safe, but obviously not with the backup itself.

But the Backup Process is never explained for people who lack in knowlede to how to use it properly. For me THIS NEEDS a community tutorial. I have till today now idea how to use backups because i mess up at using the (right) keys in the command promt.

tl;dr Please consider also people who beginn with Linux and dont know how to use the backup function.

So I decided to back up the MiaB backup. I used rclone for this, backing up to BackBlaze. Seems to be working fine so far.

I’d like to have a better understanding/control of the full/incremental backups, and when they will be deleted. GUI says they will be around for at least 13 days…

Thanks everyone.

I am sorry but I don’t follow … the backup process is handled in the admin area … so your comment about keys and the command prompt eludes me.

The only time you would be using the command prompt and the secret key is during the restore process, which is a completely different thing.

Do you know how to restore miab? Tell me how

Sure … but you were talking about how to create backups. No sense in me repeating the instructions as you can find them here under

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