Backup MX SPAM checking


Wold anyone know how to ignore the last hop of an email for SPAM checks if email was delivered from a BACKUP Mail exchanger to MAIB Server rather than directly from the original sender/mailserver

Problem I have is that the SPAM filter is basing the majority of SPAM checks on the sending IP but it will be the same for all emails, can it be altered to check the previous IP on anything that came from a particular ip address (as that would,d have been the sending IP or the Sending mail server IP)

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@g3raint, I’m not sure exactly what is wrong. Would you mind trying to explain again? It might also be helpful to include the story of what you expect to happen and what happens instead?


Basically the backup MX provider does not do any spam checking and accepts mail from all IP addresses

When the mail is fed to my server the IP address is a good one so some spam gets through this way, what I wanted to do was tell postfix/spamassasin or whatever that when accepting email from this IP. Use the last IP before it to perform reverse DNS checks and IP reputation checks on before passing the mail any further :wink:

Huh. That seems like it’s out of scope for MIAB.

Your backup MX provider should do it’s own spam check before forwarding the email.

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