Backup KO Ubuntu 22.04 ARM

I’va installed MIAB on Ubuntu 22.04 on ARM system
Everything works fine except backup

GPGError: GPG Failed, see log below:
===== Begin GnuPG log =====
gpg: Note: ‘–force-mdc’ is not considered an option
gpg: Note: ‘–symmetric’ is not considered an option
gpg: WARNING: no command supplied. Trying to guess what you mean …
usage: gpg [options] [filename]
===== End GnuPG log =====

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/root/mailinabox/management/”, line 648, in
File “/root/mailinabox/management/”, line 317, in perform_backup
shell(‘check_call’, [
File “/root/mailinabox/management/”, line 127, in shell
ret = getattr(subprocess, method)(cmd_args, **kwargs)
File “/usr/lib/python3.10/”, line 369, in check_call
raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘[’/usr/bin/duplicity’, ‘full’, ‘–verbosity’, ‘warning’, ‘–no-print-statistics’, ‘–archive-dir’, ‘/miab/backup/cache’, ‘–exclude’, ‘/miab/backup’, ‘–volsize’, ‘250’, ‘–gpg-options’, “‘–cipher-algo=AES256’”, ‘–allow-source-mismatch’, ‘/miab’, ‘file:///miab/backup/encrypted’]’ returned non-zero exit status 31.

I think this is the problem:

duplicity --version

duplicity 0.8.21

Any idea how to solve the issue please?

If you search “ arm duplicity backup” you immediately find the answer.
The version od duplicity is not compatible

You seem to be running an arm64 instance. Duplicity is not updated on arm.
Install the latest version from snap like this: You have to repeat the steps after each update.

Worked like a charm!
Thank you

Curious question - did you have to install libffi-dev manually? (That used to be required.)

ubuntu-ports jammy/main arm64 Packages

 apt-cache policy libffi-dev
  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 3.4.2-4
  Version table:
     3.4.2-4 500
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