Backup files - move off or copy off and leave in situ?


I’ve been meaning to deal with the backup files since setting up the MIAB instance. In typical fashion I’m forced into dealing with it due to limited disk space rather than mitigating the risk of losing them due to failure.

From the admin Control Panel I can see my full backup appears to be taken once a month with incremental daily until the next full. These happen at 03:57 every morning.

So the question is: If I schedule an overnight process to follow the backup is it best to move the backed up files off the MIAB server (thereby freeing up space) or simply copy the whole directory, leaving them all in place?

I’d like to automate via a script or job from my NAS to pull the files via SFTP or similar.

Thanks in advance.

If you do not have room on the server for a full incremental backup you should be using an off server solution such as the Amazon S3 bucket option. Honestly, your best solution would be to add disk space.

Hi @alento, I still have room currently but more a case of planning ahead.

The intention is to off-load the files - in this case to my on-site NAS rather than S3 bucket on Amazon.

The question is maybe better phrased as what happens if I remove the files?

Maybe I’m overthinking it but if I off-load the files to the NAS and delete them on the source (MIAB) each night, irrespective of whether they are the full or incremental files will the box assume there aren’t any there and start a new full backup followed by new incremental as it sees nothing in place each night?

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Honestly, I have never experimented with this, but that is my line of thinking.

S3 is the easy option. It’s cheap, simple and works as advertised…

Thanks @Richard5, @alento. I’ve managed to setup an rsync from the NAS for the MIAB and added a scheduled task which runs at 4am. Tested fine so I’m good for now. If I get short on space I’ll look at extending the disk.

Is there a guide to extending disk to a Digital Ocean droplet - I can add volumes but not sure of how MIAB would be made aware of the additional volume being available to use it. Alternative I guess is a backup and restore to a bigger droplet.