Backend for contact form

Hi there,

is there an easy way to use mailinabox as backend for a contact form (which is also hosted on the static websites we can have with mailinabox). Or do I have to create that backend on an other server?


What do you mean by “backend”?

A backend is a server side scripting for adding some logic to a website. Static website do not use this. But to send a contact form you need a backend. The question is, if there is a easy way to implement that on a mailinabox server for sending emails.


I am not aware of an easy way to do anything related to a website served by MiaB that does anything other than serve static websites.

You can have your app which is hosted elsewhere connect to and send emails using your MiaB via SMTP. You are not able to host the app on the MiaB server itself, no.

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