Axfr notify and AXFR in general

It would be nice if it was possible to set axfr notification on a domain. This is i.e. needed if for some TLDs like .dk where the DNS server needs to be registered with the authorative root server.
Services like (free DNS service) allows you to set them as secondary DNS and they will then use axfr to fetch the DNS setup from the MIAB ns server but still act as primary NS towards others. They call it hidden primary dns.
Unfortunately AXFR does not seem to be possible to control from within MIAB.

It would be great if it was possible to set “also-notify” in the dns zone settings so it would notify the secondary NS servers to do AXFR.

For .dk specifically, I have registered both and nameservers that are standard with MIAB, with the same IP, with the DK Hostmaster and this setup works fine. The DK Hostmaster panel makes it very easy to update glue records. They do perform an entire zone check to ensure that any NS you have setup are resolving the .dk domain in question correctly.

You are aware of the note in the Custom DNS section of your Admin panel?

Multiple secondary servers can be separated with commas or spaces (i.e., To enable zone transfers to additional servers without listing them as secondary nameservers, add xfr:IPADDRESS.

I have used this functionality with both a secondary name server and also with FreeDNS from With the FreeDNS, I was using the xfr setup to allow the transfers. Both setups worked fine.

I probably misunderstand what you are meaning.


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