Axfr not allowed if axfr is subnet and not just single IP

Hi I am trying to set my current DNS provider ( as secondary dns for my domain
I added the domain to my miab dns settings and added the following to my secondary dns field: xfr:
I then try to add the domain as secondary DNS In the system in admin panel. It fails with the following error:
Test of axfr for failed for ip 1. We require that axfr is open for
ip1 being the IP of my miab box.

now do I get it to allow axfr from an IP segment like that? ?

From the nsd documentation I can see that provide-axfr: can be a subnet IP but if I try to set it in the admin panel, then it fails.
I did try changing it manually in the zones.conf (just for the test) and then the transfer worked fine.

Is this a “missing” feature in the admin panel or is there something I have overlooked?

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