Avoiding rejection by Outlook and handling Gmail

Hi everyone,

I am writing to ask for help with these:

  1. Outlook refuses to accept emails from my mail server

  2. Gmail considers emails as “unauthenticated”

Whar can be done to avoid this ?

Both microsoft and google have a way to verify your new domain to avoid these

I forget where MS has thiers, but google has theirs at https://postmaster.google.com

Info on MS’s JMRP can be found at:


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Also, go to http://mail-tester.com and sent a test email to the address it generates to verify that all the anti-spam settings (SPF, DKIM, etc) are set properly and the domain is not blacklisted

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Thank you everyone so much!

I used to have the same problem, but after requesting a delist to outlook (Microsoft) everything is working properly now.

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