Autoreply Exchange Server

Hi All,

Looking for help/guidance on an issue,

I have my mailinabox server set up and running and everything has been great for some time.

I use the default mail app on my iphone, i have two accounts, 1 is my mailinabox server and the other is a work account, both are set up using exchange,

on my work exchange account i can go into mail settings and set a autoreply / auto response for that account. everything works fine.

for my mailinabox server account, the option is there in the mail settings, but when i set it, it doesnt save. im guessing straight away that this is something to do with settings on the server side, can anyone provide some help

I can also confirm the behavior however I’m not so sure it’s specifically an issue with MaiB. This might be more of a Z-Push (ActiveSync) issue. Something specific with that service/package. Perhaps it is an iPhone bug in the mail app. I’d have to try installing the outlook app and see if it behaves the same to rule one or the other out.

like i said, i can confirm it works with my work hosted exchange email. also worth mentioning that when i edit my work exchange auto reply, it pulls the message i previously set at work.

This is leading me to think it should be pulling and pushing something to MiaB

You can actually set the setting with the outlook app and have it stay selected, however it doesn’t actually auto reply.

I would think this might be a ZPush bug.

I can see that there is a new version of zpush available can i up the version in and install the later one?

I would wait for MiaB to include it as part of an update to the “box”

Perhaps @JoshData or @openletter can comment on that process.

Z-Push is installed at the latest version.

I don’t have experience with Apple products so all I can do is point to the instructions from the dashboard.

Exchange/ActiveSync settings

On iOS devices, devices on this compatibility list, or using Outlook 2007 or later on Windows 7 and later, you may set up your mail as an Exchange or ActiveSync server. However, we’ve found this to be more buggy than using IMAP as described above. If you encounter any problems, please use the manual settings above.

Options Secure Connection

Your device should also provide a contacts list and calendar that syncs to this box when you use this method.

Latest version of zpush is 2.6.4

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Do you know if I can bump the version and hash in the script to install the latest version, or will it cause problems?

I would recommend looking through the changes to see if there seems like something that might fix your problem. Easter egging something like this could really be a headache for nothing.

According to, 2.6.2 is the latest release. It could be they aren’t updating the website with new releases.