Automatically update SSL certs for external domains using custom DNS

My thought was a bash script that could be run from cron. It letsencrypt DNS TXT challenge and then upload it via curl to MOAB custom DNS.

So far all I got is

certbot certonly --agree-tos --manual --preferred-challenges dns -m -d


curl -X PUT -d “acme_code_from_letsencrypt” --user “user:pass”

Certs can be copied to desired location in cron I suppose.
Any Help would be appreciated.

working on somthing else rn but im dedicated to making this work automatically and i will public my results eventually.

as stated above ad like to make a “plugin” or some script that uses letsencrypt certbot dns challenge to automatically update ssl certs for externally (outside miab) hosted domains.

its clearly possible tho i’m realizing anything is possible in the tech world if you know how to do it.

Take a look at It already supports MiaB.

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