Automatic updates & Daily update notifications

So I’m new to MIAB and I love it! (I’m coming from a decade of administering qmail … perhaps you understand my happiness)

On the one hand, I like the daily system-change notifications because it keeps me invested in the server. On the other hand, I’ve enabled both ${distro_codename}-security and ${distro_codename}-updates in Ubuntu’s unattended upgrades, as well as automatic overnight reboots where necessary. I don’t really need to be told about new packages or that reboots are required. It would be nice if either (1) the MIAB status page just knew that unattended upgrades was configured that way or (2) I could turn off some of the notifications.

Also, I’d really like to go as hands off as possible - are there plans for automatic upgrades of MIAB itself? Not that it’s really that difficult, but I’d like to either have a button to click or for it to run automatically.

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