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Hey Everyone,

I am picking up on a company MIAB that was set up years ago. In each email theres an automated signature that shows up. Is there a way to change the content of this email? There are individualized ones that each user of the email has but there is also one that everyone has regardless with the company name and phone numbers. We want to change the data but I am unable to do so. Can someone help?

Is this present if you create a new email account?

Yes, it is. I am unsure where the issue is coming from

Just so I’m totally clear here, you created a new email account in the dashboard, then logged into Roundcube, sent a message, and the message has a signature?

Yes, thank you for the clarification, that is exactly what happened. Its a generic one that the company uses.

If I may comment.

The Web frontend for email on MiaB is provided by “Roundcube” .
There are plugins for Roundcube, that “seem” to let you create “company-wide” signatures or disclaimers.
I imagine those would exhibit the behavior you see (new mailboxes automatically inheriting the signature)
One of them is this:
Perhaps a previous admin installed one of those on top of MiaB, and since it is a non-standard install, then you cannot see it anywhere on the MiaB Admin panels.
I wish I could help more, but I dont have experience with any of those plugins, but it occurred to me that you might want to check for a plugin installed in your system.

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This absolutely sounds to me like what is happening here @sam

I would check to see if this is the case. If you need assistance feel free to reach out to me.

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