Are there any issues with setting it up without 'box.' subdomain?


I installed mailinabox on a fresh VPS, using a domain I own. However, my registrar,, doesn’t seem to allow me to use subdomains like ns[1,2] But I can set up nameservers and DNS without ‘box.’ as ns[1,2] This means that when I check things on I see many errors and warnings.

What are the issues involved with setting up mailinabox without the ‘box.’ subdomain? I’m happy to just use, as I’m not planning on serving any websites other than the amin and webmail interfaces from that hostname.


It should work just fine, but I haven’t tried that setup in a long time. After setting it up, please look at the status checks in the admin. That’ll narrow down the problem.

Cheers, the status page looks good without the box. subdomain. As do the suggested external checks. So far this works well.