Are all admins created equal?

I gave my original admin user a very common name,, which is easily guessable by spammers so I don’t want that to be my main user. I created a second “Administrator” user with a random name and am going to use that instead. It seems I can do all the same stuff with this new admin account but what I’m wondering is, can I delete the original “” or is that first one somehow different, like a super admin or something?

One problem I can see is that there are a few automatically created aliases like that are all pointing to that original address. I should be able to easily re-map those… but this is exactly the kind of thing I’m worried about - are there issues that could come up if I delete the original admin user?

I think you should be fine but I could be wrong though since I’m new but I’ve done stuff like that before and I’ve haven’t had issues

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