`apt-get update` not working

In my admin status board, I see I have updates. I SSH into my server, run the command (as I’ve done for dozens of other servers), and the updating process seems to go through. I then reboot and wait for the server to come up again. When I go back to my admin panel, I still get a message saying I have updates and my server also says I have new updates.

How come my updates aren’t sticking?

The apt database can get out of date in the time between running apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. If you just ran the latter prior to the reboot, it may have found additional updates (the admin panel calls apt-get update) that it didn’t know about the first time. Or, well, updates could have been posted right after you ran apt-get upgrade.

Ah, I wasn’t aware I had to apt-get upgrade as well. Every update I’ve had since installing MiaB was fine with update. Thanks!