Apple IOS11 - Public Beta - may finally support IMAP IDLE (instant push email)

Team, I wanted to share, that since installing IOS11 Public Beta 3 on my iPhone and iPad, email coming in from my MIAB server is pushed (this is not using the exchange/z-push services, just a normal IMAP connection. So either apple has fixed the IMAP IDLE command and it’s working similar to how the desktop mail is working, or it’s a fluke.

If anyone else who has installed IOS 11 betas could test and comment if it works for you too or not, we can hopefully get a better picture if its just me, or a glimmer of hope the final release of IOS11 will have finally fixed this email push issue on IOS devices!

This discussion supports that theory:

Thanks for this link, I was wondering why it worked some times but not others. They said in that forum if its on wifi and plugged in. I’ll have to do further testing to see if that is why it seems adhoc on my end.

I often have the problems with IOS, I dont know why, because even in service centre they said that everything is good. Also, I work in marketing company and we have problems with Apple OS, when we try advertise on apps. Meanwhile, with android we haven’t problems. Maybe, it’s a problem with my phone, no with IOS.