Api for adding and removing records

Using curl to remove an mx record and add a new one.

What is the proper syntax, or command arguments.

If there is a how to for Miab somewhere i would greatly appreciate being pointed in that direction.


Control panel API documentation includes DNS admin commands you might want. Not sure about access using CURL however.

Alright, thanks for the pointer.

I found this from the info you gave, and I think this will do.


Ok, Will give this command a go. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

curl -x PUT “https://mail.httpbuild.com/admin/dns/custom/mail.httpbuild.com/MX

let me know if I did something goofy…

curl: (5) Could not resolve proxy: PUT

Uhmm … you never authenticated.

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Ok, i will pick this up tomorrow,. I am busy, thanks.

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