Anyone running MIAB on a Google e2 micro instance?

Is anyone running MIAB on a Google e2 micro instance? The always free tier comes with 1gb RAM. I presume that might be tough to make work with Ubuntu and MIAB but was curious if anyone has had any success using it? Additional specs linked below. Thanks for letting me know if this is practical and perhaps if there’s any flavor of Ubuntu that might be worth considering that’s extra RAM efficient. I’d also be curious if there’s value to adding swap space for MIAB and if that would help make a micro instance with limited RAM (eg 1gb) work better. Cheers.

I run MiaB on a Linode nano instance with 1GB RAM (just hosting private email for family), so the memory size should not be an issue. The bigger questions would be, does it offer a standard Ubuntu 22.04 image, does it allow port 25 access, etc.

We’d appreciate it if you could report back your experience (good or bad) for the benefit of the community.

MiaB can only be installed on a VPS running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

The biggest concern with Google is the pricing. Be very careful with that.

I took am curious about this – to the best of my knowledge there is no port 25 access on google cloud and no exception process? If someone knows differently would appreciate any pointers!

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