Anyone had any luck with a cluster setup?

I’m looking at setting up a cluster/load balanced environment for redundancy and was wondering if anyone else has had experience in this?

Nothing fancy, just a standard two server (or more) environment with LB:

The trick would be to get the DB and content replication up and running.

And perhaps if this were easy enough could become an improvement where servers were master/slave aware per default.

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Has anyone experience with an setup like the image above ?

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Not with MIAB, no. This would be entirely unsupported. Maybe possible using NFS exports from a central storage server mounted where MIAB expects itself to be, but you could run into untold trouble with that.

Although this is a really old post, I’ve a lot of experience with this kind of setup. In my current situation, my mail volume is that low, that MIAB is even overkill, but if you need support in this.