Any Limit on the number of aliases for a single inbox?

We have a new system deployed and everything is working fine. We have setup some automation with a related system that will parse mail. To avoid setting up singular accounts (2K+) that the system would have to monitor individually, we are looking to use aliases on a single mailbox.

So my question would be is there any limit to the amount of aliases any single mailbox can have? It appears Postfix has been modified to use an SQLlite installation for managing the configs. I know of no limitations of postfix natively. If someone could confirm, that would be great.

I don’t think there is any particular limit.

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Regarding limitations in Sqlite3 well according to their website “Limits In SQLite”:

Maximum Database Size

At the maximum page size of 65536 bytes, this translates into a maximum database size of approximately 1.4e+14 bytes (281 terabytes, or 256 tebibytes, or 281474 gigabytes or 256,000 gibibytes).

Maximum Number Of Rows In A Table

The theoretical maximum number of rows in a table is 264 … This limit is unreachable since the maximum database size of 281 terabytes will be reached first.

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